Culcharry: Archie Morrison 1916 – 2005

Culcharry is a small group of houses and a very pretty spot near to Cawdor and just a few miles from Nairn on the Moray Firth in Scotland.

We had followed a beautiful spring walk to Nairn, stopping for lunch overlooking Nairn’s attractive harbour and then followed the river Nairn to Cawdor, with its medieval castle.    Cawdor Castle is an impressive building full of legends, the 14th century tower of the castle is intriguingly built around a holly tree but it was built too late for King Duncan and Lady Macbeth to walk its corridors.  We walked through Culcharry as we were taking the lanes back to our starting point, enjoying the fine weather and the sense of summer to come.


In memory of Archie Morrison Culcharry 1916 – 2005

This lovely bench overlooks the group of houses and has a clump of cheerful daffodils behind it.  The commemorative plaque tells us that Archie Morrison of Culcharry lived a long life, which must be testament to the clean air in this part of Scotland.  An obituary adds to the story by telling us that Archie Morrison’s wife Annie Morrison lived even longer, dying peacefully  ten-years after her husband at the age of 100-years.  I am sure she got chance to sit on this bench and remember her husband.


Culcharry near Cawdor in Highland

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