Sale Fell: Margaret Anne Brown 14/4/1934 – 10/9/2008

The small mound of Sale Fell (359m) has a view that many larger hills would be proud to call their own.  From the flanks of Sale Fell the walker can see along Bassenthwaite Lake over Wythop Woods and to Skiddaw; on a sunny day there are few places to beat it.  We had started our walk from the pretty church of St Margaret’s that is tucked in to the fell on the narrow lane between Wythop Mill and the Pheasant Inn.  Sale Fell is a Wainwright, that is one of the 214 fells listed by Alfred Wainwright in his seven volumes of guides to the Lake District fells.  We were walking on this lovely hill because my partner is collecting his Wainwrights.


Looking over Bassenthwaite Lake from the edges of Sale Fell

This simple memorial bench has a plaque with a lovely dedication to Margaret Anne Brown; ‘For those who love our land to rest awhile and dream their dreams’.  This dedication suggests that Margaret Brown had a contemplative nature and also loved the beauty of the Lake District.

Sale Fell (2).JPG

In Beloved Memory of Margaret Anne Brown 14/4/1934 – 10/9/2008 For Those Who Love Our Land To Rest Awhile and Dream Their Dreams

I have no doubt that many walkers have been grateful for the opportunity to rest a while on this beautifully positioned bench and I certainly took the opportunity to dream my dreams while I took in the view.



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  1. Excellent idea for a blog and very well-executed.

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