Morecambe: Bobby Hill 18 April 1980 – 24 October 2004

On a short walk from home, we sometimes take a wander around Torrisholme Cemetery and read the memorials on the graves.  This small cemetery is a pleasant green space that dates from 1906 and the burial areas are divided into different sections, including a heartbreaking one for children and babies and a woodland burial area.  Some people visit the cemetery to see the grave of Eric Morecambe’s parents, George and Sadie Bartholomew. If you’re ever passing at Christmas the cemetery lodge at the gates usually has elegant decorations and lights on display, with a tree in each of their bay windows.

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The grave to Robert (Bobby) Kennedy Hill, who sadly died on 24 October 2004 at the age of 24 years is a striking one in the cemetery and next to it is an elegant curved wooden memorial bench. Bobby Hill died in a car crash in Rhyl in North Wales in 2004 at just 24 years of age.  He was married to Violet, from the Morecambe area, and they had a son. Bobby Hill’s father described him as, ‘Bubbly, happy and fit’ and, ‘An entrepreneur since his schooldays.’ Companies House lists Bobby Hill as a company director until his death.

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The words on the memorial bench to Bobby Hill show the love that his family felt for him and the heaviness of the grief they are feeling. The sadness for a life that was lost much too young is in every line.

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The gravestone to Bobby Hill

Bobby Hill: Our Son Bobby – To Know Him Was To Love Him.

If tears could build a stairway & memories a lane, I’d walk right up to heaven & bring you home again.