Hoylake: William Joseph Barr 14th March 1921 – 30 May 2014 & Jim Barr 5th December 1946- 31st July 2017

The Wirral peninsular on a wintery day is a fantastic place for a walk.  The beach here gives wide open views across Liverpool Bay to the Irish Sea and when you get too cold there are plenty of cafes to warm up in.  We walked from Hoylake round the beach to West Kirby, returning to Hoylake on the cycle route.  Although it was cold it was fine and plenty of other people were out getting some fresh air in this lovely area.

There is no lake at Hoylake today but Hoyle Lake, as it was known, was a sheltered anchorage in the 17th century on the sailing route into Liverpool.  This has now silted up and the name Hoylake came into use for the village that was formerly known as Hoose.

2018 Boxing Day Wirral Walk with Matthew and Rachel (12)

Hoylake seafront

This bench, with two memorial plaques, stood out from the many memorial benches in this lovely area.

Jim Barr was clearly a firefighter, as the poem on his plaque remembers, ‘Firefighters truly never die …’  Donations at his funeral went to the Fire Brigade Benevolent Fund and in his obituary, Jim Barr was described as, ‘A true gentleman from beginning to end.’  Jim Barr died a few years after William Joseph Barr, who I can only presume is a relative.

2018 Boxing Day Wirral Walk with Matthew and Rachel (11)

Jim Barr 5th December 1946 – 31st July 2017 Firefighters truly never die, Their memory burns forever in the hearts of those they have loved.  In Loving Memory WILLIAM JOSEPH BARR 14TH March 1921 0 30 May 2014 LOVE ALWAYS FROM YOUR FAMILY “REST A WHILE AND ENJOY THE VIEW”