Norland Moor, Sowerby Bridge: Eric Daniels 26.01.1930 – 01.96.2006

On a recent visit to Yorkshire, after a lovely walk along the canal and a pub lunch in Sowerby Bridge, we walked back to Elland over Norland Moor, a popular area for local walkers and an important fragment of upland heath.  Crisscrossed with footpaths, people like Norland Moor for the elevation, open views over to Halifax and the peace and quiet.  The highest point, with a trig point, is at 284 metres and nearby is a large rocky outcrop called The Ladstone, which some think was a place for Druid rituals.

Norland (2)

According to Calderdale Council there are 28 memorial benches on Norland Moor.  I don’t think we saw all of them but of the many we walked by on our walk I noticed this bench to Eric Daniels.  The plaque affectionately describes Eric Daniels as, ‘A man of boundless energy and enthusiasm, who gave so much and inspired so many.’

Norland (1)

Eric’s  Bench A place to sit and remember a man of boundless energy and enthusiasm, who gave so much and inspired so many 26.01.1930 Eric Daniels 01.06.2006

Eric’s bench was the perfect place to rest after the steep hill up to the moor.  I sat and enjoyed the view over the golf course, wishing I had met Eric Daniel’s.

Sheffield, Abbeydale: Mr Andrew Illingworth 1941 – 2018

I visited Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet in Sheffield as a child and have fond memories of the museum that were re-kindled when I looked around again this summer.  This rustic collection of workshops arranged around a cobbled courtyard and surrounded by trees takes you back in time to steel making a hundred years ago.  The site is full of atmosphere and littered with rusty tools and broken clay crucibles that the steel was made in, you feel as if the workers left not long before you arrived.  If you are lucky you might come across someone keeping traditional skills alive in one of the workshops.

The Manager’s House has a prominent place within the site and at the back is a well-kept garden, a few metres and yet a whole world away from the industrial site.


The Managers House at Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet, Sheffield

The gardening volunteers at Abbeydale meet for two hours once a week to take care of the grounds and gardens.  It seems a fitting tribute to a, ‘Committed Garden Volunteer’ at Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet to erect a bench in his memory in the garden of the Manager’s House.  This simple bench is the perfect place for visitors and other volunteer gardeners to sit and rest a while and remember Andrew Illingworth and the time he gave freely.


In Loving memory of Mr Andrew Illingworth 1941 – 2018 Committed Garden Volunteer here at Abbeydale “Sit with me and rest a while.”