Brodie Castle near Nairn: Jackie Bruce


The pond in the grounds of Brodie Castle

We took a spring walk around the grounds of Brodie Castle between Nairn and Forres.  Brodie Castle is part of the National Trust for Scotland and is a stunning 16th century turreted house in salmon pink.  Although the house is stuffed to its roof with antiques it was the large estate that we decided to explore.  The gardens have beautiful flowers and lots of walks and we followed the signs to the pond where we found this memorial bench to Jackie Bruce.

The memorial bench caught my eye for the unusual plaque in the shape of a swan-necked copper still used in the whisky distilling industry in Scotland.  I haven’t been able to find out more about the story of Jackie Bruce’s life but surely he either worked in a local whiskey distillery or enjoyed an occasional dram.  Brodie Castle and Nairn are on the edge of the Scottish Speyside malt whisky producing area and near to a number of Scottish whisky distilleries.


A place for you to rest, whether in body or soul.  Lovingly gifted by the family of The late Jackie Bruce Nairn

The ownership of Brodie Castle is an interesting story and was the focus of a bitter family feud among the former owners and residents, the Brodie family.  Ninian Brodie, the former clan chief, sold the castle to the National Trust for Scotland in 1978 as the house was in a state of disrepair and the family could not afford to keep the house and its contents together, a decision that Ninian’s heir was unhappy with.  Ninian Brodie was able to live in a flat in the house as a tenant until he died in 2003.