Streatley: Malc Grant 24.05.1948 – 04.10.2013

Streatley and Goring straddle opposite banks of the river Thames.  The two villages are joined by a river and are lovely places to visit.  Goring is in the Chilterns and Streatley is in the North Wessex Downs, both Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  In early Anglo Saxon times the river Thames was the border between Mercia and Wessex, with Goring in Mercia and under the rule of King Offa and Streatley in Wessex and ruled by King Ine.  We found this a perfect area for walking and followed ancient trails, including The Ridgeway, and interesting sunken ways to the Holies, a lovely chalk woodland on the slopes above Streatley.  It was a sunny winters day and lots of people were out enjoying the fine weather.

In the lovely woods above Streatley in Berkshire

I found this memorial plaque to Malc Grant while exploring among the trees.  The plaque generously shares the bench with other memorials, making this glade a very special place for remembering loved ones for lots of different people.


Malc Grant 24.05.1948 – 04.10.2013 A True Friend – A Good Heart – A Great Voice