About me, this blog and other blogs

This Memorial Bench Stories blog and my Back On The Road Again blog are my current communications with the big wide world.

Back On The Road Again here tells about my travels in a blue campervan and my journey to financial independence and early retirement with some thoughts on being frugal.  I also highlight surprising places from my ex-home city of Salford. 

I am a walker, a cyclist and campervan owner who now lives in Morecambe and I appreciate and often stop to rest at memorial benches.  I always read the inscription and think about the person who has inspired friends or family to commemorate them with a bench in this place.  Good inscriptions always tell you something about the person and make me wonder about their story.

I started to take photographs of the benches in 2010; both the view and the commemorative plaque and eventually started putting these on to this blog.

Each bench tells a story of someone loved and remembered.  These are not celebrities, they are you and me.  I hope to find out some of the stories of the lives of the special people who are commemorated in these benches; either through my own research or by people getting in touch.  In January 2020 this blog was featured in a BBC article, ‘A quiet reminder of people gone but not forgotten.’

My other blog is the story of my travels with my partner in our campervan until 2015, in particular our early 50s ‘gap’ year.  You can find this here

I have come across a couple of other blogs that are contributing to the recording of memorial benches:

In Memory Of … Memorial Bench dedications and views

Open Benches – provides gps information of almost 1,000 benches and anyone can add a bench to the list




14 comments on “About me, this blog and other blogs

  1. Karen Entwistle says:

    Hello-my father in law just passed and we would like to commemorate a bench in his honor. He resided in Cheshire County. Do you know how one would go about doing this?

    Thank you so much for any assistance you can offer.


    • Hi Karen
      Thank you for looking at my blog and I am sorry to hear of the loss of your father in law.
      You would always have to get the permission of the landowner to erect a memorial bench. In some areas it is difficult to know who the landowner is but at Delamere Forest this is the Forestry Commission: http://www.forestry.gov.uk/delamere
      The enquiry form at the end of the page in the link above might be a good start.
      Good wishes

  2. Hi Karen

    Sorry to hear of the passing, we supply grade A teak memorial benches nationwide and have done since 1989. Since the introduction of the National Memorial Arboretum near us in Staffs we have noticed that alot of local authorties are a bit more reluctant to have benches on their land. should you still be looking please try the memorial section of our website.


    We offer complimentory nationwide delviery service and a plaque or wood carving service should it be required.



  3. Paul Jackson says:

    My wife and I have a campervan – I cycle and we both walk – so similar. She also had an dea to start researching the inscriptions on benches, something to work on when we reach FIRE (financial independence and retire early).

    What a nice idea – good luck with learning more about those remembered and their stories.


  4. Interesting idea for a blog…some interesting stories. Keep it up!

  5. Fantastic insight into commemorative benches. We come across many memorial stories as a bench and engraving provider. Please do drop us a line if you’d to chat!

  6. Hi here is a link to the Bench Commemorated to George wall. in Bleadon Somerset.

    I new George for many Years. He was A gentleman, Farmer by Trade, A stoic member of the Parish council for many years. Did a tremendous amount of good work in his life time for the local community. Many Happy times in the local pubs with him and his Family. The wall Family have been a part of somerset history going back years. Hope it helps. Tony. trustyrusttravels.com

  7. An interesting read. In the past when I have seen a memorial bench I hadn’t really thought much about it but after reading your blog I will look at them in a different way.

  8. Ron Herridge says:

    For an unusual bench, look up Pat’s Glade on Facebook

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