Formby: Cerys Loughlin 4th June 1998 to 1st September 2014

The fantastic beach and dunes at Formby is a popular place at any time of the year.  We have visited often over the years and I have featured a bench from this wonderful place before.  Formby has so much, a long sweep of sand that is washed by the sea twice a day, hummocky dunes covered in plants and with low-lying areas between the dunes which form seasonal shallow pools, an important habitat for the endangered natterjack toads.  Backing the dunes and beach is a stretch of coastal pinewood where red squirrels are protected and hang on.

Formby nov 2019 (2)

Cerys Loughlin was only 16 when she died from leukaemia in 2014.  Cerys Loughlin went to school near to the beach at Formby and lived locally with her family.  Placing this lovely bench among the dunes and not far from home, family and friends will be able to visit as often as they wish.  The plaque is a beautiful memorial to Cerys Loughlin that is personalised and full of love for a daughter and sister.  

Formby nov 2019 (1)

Cerys Loughlin 4th June 1998 to 1st September 2014 walked this way with her Wheezy (and Billy & Belle) Our beautiful princess will always be in our broken hearts Mum, Dad and Bethany xxx

The Race for Life her school held in memory of Cerys Loughlin the year following her death raised a lot of money for charity, as did the Just Giving page her family set up. This generosity is love and kindness in action. I hope that these compassionate and big-hearted family, friends and community members helped Cery’s parents and sister face their grief.

One comment on “Formby: Cerys Loughlin 4th June 1998 to 1st September 2014

  1. I always loved going to the reserve here to see the red squirrels. Brings back lots of happy memories. fingers crossed I will be able to pay a return visit when all this mess dies down……. thanks for a great blog.

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