Eastbourne: Les Symons 1920 – 2018 & Lilian Symons

There are quite a few memorial benches along the sea front at Eastbourne.  I strolled along above the sea in the sunshine reading each dedication and waiting for one to catch my eye.  We were on our way up to Beachy Head, a wonderful viewpoint that was a landmark for German bombers during the Second World War.  They dropped any leftover bombs onto the town.

Eastbourne (3)

The sea front at Eastbourne

This memorial bench to Lilian Symons and Les Symons, and particularly the inscription on the plaque to Les Symons, suggests two happy dancers.  Les Symons lived a long life and died at the age of 98.  His obituary says he was a teacher at Hooe Primary School and St Mary’s School (later Ocklynge Junior School).  Greatly missed by his family and friends, it was recognised that he would also be missed by those who met him on his regular walks along the prom.

Eastbourne (1)

LES SYMONS 1920 – 2018 “Oh, how we danced”

The loving inscription to Lilian Symons is carved into the bench, whereas there is a plaque to Les Symons.  This suggests to me that Lilian Symons died before Les Symons.  I imagine Les Symons walking along the prom and resting on this memorial bench remembering Lilian Symons and perhaps re-living a dance in his head.

Eastbourne (2)


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