Ruthven Barracks: Gordon Mackie 1944 – 2003

Ruthven Barracks near Kingussie in Scotland is an atmospheric ruin, the buildings open to the sky.  I always enjoy visiting this spot and thinking about its place in Scottish history.  Built on a prominent mound in the valley of the river Spey in the early 1700s, the barracks were part of the planning to maintain order in Scotland after the uprising of 1715.  Stand on the site of the barracks and you have a commanding view of the surrounding countryside.

Ruthven (2)

Ruthven Barracks

After the Battle of Culloden, Jacobite survivors gathered at Ruthven Barracks and heard that the rising had collapsed and Bonnie Prince Charlie was fleeing Scotland.  The Jacobites set fire to the barracks as they left.

On our last visit to Ruthven Barracks we walked up to the ruins from the car park and I noticed this memorial bench to Gordon Mackie.  The bench is the perfect place to sit and contemplate the layout of the buildings that remain at Ruthven with their mountain backdrop.  The plaque describes this as “Gordon’s View” and invites anyone to enjoy it.  Thank you Gordon Mackie!

Ruthven (1)

GORDON MACKIE 1944 – 2003 May all who rest here enjoy Gordon’s View

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