Lytham Hall: Therese Seed 7.12.45 to 17.3.02

It was a splendid sunny day in February when we visited Lytham Hall to see the carpets of snowdrops that have naturalised around the woodland garden of this splendid Georgian country house.  The parkland and hall are being restored by the local community and volunteers greet visitors enthusiastically at the gates.  The parkland can be visited freely on weekdays and during February weekends snowdrop open days are held when the tearoom is open.  Snowdrops are the perfect way to brighten up a winter walk.

2018 Feb Blackpool weekend (26)

Lytham Hall gardens full of snowdrops

Among the snowdrops I found this perfectly placed memorial bench to Therese Seed who died at the age of 56-years.  Therese Seed’s family and friends must have chosen this spot overlooking the brilliance of the snowdrops as a lovely place to sit and remember her.  I certainly sat awhile here enjoying the view and wondering what Therese Seed’s story is.  Therese Seed appeared to live in Lytham as she continues to be remembered on the anniversary of her death in the church magazines for two local Catholic churches, Our Lady Star of the Sea and St Peter’s Catholic Church.

2018 Feb Blackpool weekend (25)


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