Buttermere Youth Hostel: Andy Follis 1958 – 2005

2017 May Rannerdale Knott Buttermere (3).JPG

Looking over Crummock Water from Rannerdale Knotts

Buttermere Youth Hostel is a special place for me as I worked a summer season there in the 1990s.  One of my favourite memories of those months is the short period between finishing serving breakfast and the two hours of cleaning duties once the hostel was empty.  We would often take this much needed short break on the benches lined up on the open porch at the front of the hostel.  Here, with a view of the surrounding fells, we would chat with the hostellers as they kitted up for a walk or packed their cars, while having a welcome mug of tea and a piece of homemade cake.

Buttermere (1)

In memory of Andy Follis 1958 – 2005

Returning to Buttermere for a stay this summer I was interested to find a memorial bench to Andy Follis on the porch.  Andy Follis was only 46 years old when he died suddenly from epilepsy in April 2005 leaving a wife and two daughters.

Buttermere (2)

The bench under the porch at Buttermere Youth Hostel

Andy Follis must have also had a connection with Buttermere Youth Hostel and certainly the bench that remembers him is welcomed by hostellers and members of staff.

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