Kinlochleven: Tony Schwalbe 1979-2009

By 1909 Kinlochleven had a hydro-electric scheme and aluminium smelter, following the construction of Blackwater Reservoir and 6 kms of pipeline to the valley by navvies.  Crammed dozens to a hut, the navvies worked in harsh conditions among the Scottish mountains and not all of them survived.  The navvies graveyard by Blackwater Reservoir is a sobering spot.  The aluminium smelter employed up to 800 people and the isolated village of Kinlochleven grew.  During the First World War there were two prisoner of war camps around Kinlochleven and the German prisoners worked to build the road on the south side of Loch Leven to support the busy aluminium works.


Overlooking the hydroelectric and former alumimium smelting works in Kinlochleven

The aluminium works is long gone but hydro-electric generation continues in Kinlochleven.  For one family Kinlochleven has other associations and this memorial bench that remembers Tony Schwalbe who died in 2009 after only 30 years, faces the hydro-electric plant.  This memorial plaque is unusual for being engraved in German.


Wir widmen diese Bank unserem Sohn 1979 – Tony Schwalbe – 2009 als Ort der Errinnerung und der Begegung Your footprints on this path may have faded, but your heart never left.



One comment on “Kinlochleven: Tony Schwalbe 1979-2009

  1. baronvoncrow says:

    ‘We dedicate this bench to our son, Tony Schwalbe, as a place of memory and inspiration’
    Beautiful words. I would like to know more about this young man.

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