Hartland Quay: Tom Jenkyn 1909-2000 & Beryl Jenkyn 1916-2007


The cliffs at Hartland Quay

Some memorial benches are special because of the sentiment of the dedication, others have a uniquely designed bench and others are remarkable for the view.  This simple memorial bench with plaques to Tom Jenkyn and Beryl Jenkyn certainly has an unbeatable outlook.  The bench is at Hartland Quay on the Hartland Peninsula in north Devon; a beautiful coastline that we visited on a glorious sunny day last Spring.  The Hartland Peninsular is designated an Area of Outstanding Beauty and is an excellent place for walking and sightseeing.  We spent a memorable afternoon walking from our campsite in the nearby village of Stoke to Hartland Quay.  Before following the cliff path to Speke’s Mill Mouth we stopped to enjoy the scenery at Hartland Quay and I found this lovely bench to rest on.


In memory of Tom Jenkyn 1909 – 2000 & Beryl Jenkyn 1916 – 2007

Judging by how worn away the grass is underneath the bench this is a popular place to sit and enjoy the panorama and many people will be grateful to Tom and Beryl Jenkyn’s relatives who had this bench erected in their memory.  I am sure, like me, many other visitors wondered about the lives of this couple.

The sandstones and mudstones at Hartland Quay are layered and folded in a spectacular fashion and sitting and gazing at the shapes in the rocks and the story this tells is a worthwhile  way to spend some time.  On a clear day you can see out to Lundy Island in the Bristol Channel.  In the spring you will certainly see pink sea thrift (Armeria maritima) bobbing in the breeze among the rocks and while we were here taking in all this beauty we spotted a peregrine flying over the cliffs.

We eventually had to leave the bench and this stunning spot to continue our walk along the cliffs, making an enjoyable circuit back to our campsite via Lymebridge.


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