Glasson Dock; Tracy-Anne Davies 19.7.71-13.4.2002

It was a breezy day when we rolled in to Glasson Dock in Lancashire.  This small farming village became a port in the 18th century because boats could not navigate the river Lune to Lancaster.  There is still a busy commercial dock here and today there is also a marina which was full of boats bobbing on the chopping waters on the day we visited.

In the centre of the village, near to the swing bridge, is the Lock Keepers Rest, a cafe in a caravan.  Here I found this lovely bench to Tracy-Anne Davies who died very young at the age of 30-years.

Glasson Dock (1)

In Loving Memory of Tracy-Anne Davies 19.7.71 – 13.4.2002 At Peace in Summerland

On a sunny day this is a great place to sit and watch the boats go by with a brew, followed by a visit to the The Port of Lancaster Smokehouse if you are a meat or fish eater.  Here locally caught fish, as well as meat, are prepared and cured.

Glasson Dock (2)

The Lock Keepers Rest in Glasson Dock in Lancashire


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