Leamington Spa: Daniel Dineen died 2010

Seeing that friends and colleagues have valued someone so much they have placed a memorial bench for them is a lovely thing that brings me joy.  On a spring visit to Leamington Spa I found another bench linked to someone’s occupation on Hamilton Terrace in the centre of the town, by the taxi rank.  On a Saturday afternoon no one was using the bench.  However, on Google Earth on street view, you can see the bench is being used by a number of taxi drivers taking a break and sharing gossip.  I am sure every time they sit there they give a moments thought to Daniel Dineen.

Daniel Dineen died at the age of 81 years on 19 April 2010.  As well as a Hackney Carriage driver, he was also a husband, father and grandfather.

2013 April Leamington (1)

Hamilton Terrace, Leamington Spa


In memory of Daniel Dineen ‘Danjoe’ 55 years Hackney Carriage Service


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