Morecambe: Fiorendino Vettese (1905 – 2002) and Lio Vettese (1960 – 2002)

The view across Morecambe Bay is difficult to beat and is a pleasant stroll these days, following a considerable amount of work along the seafront by the Local Authority.  We had a cold, brisk walk watching waders in the mud and noting the changes to Morecambe since we last came and enjoyed hot chocolate in the refurbished Midland Hotel.

Not far from the exuberant statue of Eric Morecambe we spotted this bench with two family commemorative plaques, both giving us a snap shot of the people who are remembered here.

Fiorendino Vettesse was ‘Dearly loved.  A charmer to the end’. and Lio Vettese was ‘Never ignored and will never be forgotten’.  Just these few words tell us that these were special people.

The Visitor local newspaper, has a lovely article about Tony Vettese, Fiorendino and Maria’s son and Lio’s brother, and The Old Pier Bookshop at The Visitor ‘Doing it by the book’ .   This article echoes the joy and love in the family that I sensed from this memorial bench and Tony gives some of the family history.  Next time we will visit his book shop as well.




One comment on “Morecambe: Fiorendino Vettese (1905 – 2002) and Lio Vettese (1960 – 2002)

  1. gina vettese says:

    thank you so much for this write up its so lovely and much appreciated. from Giovanna Vettese

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