Ambleside: Johnny Williamson (1928 – 2008)

Johnny Williamson 1928 - 2008Ambleside's much loved village barber

Johnny Williamson 1928 – 2008
Ambleside’s much loved village barber

On the main road from Ambleside towards Windermere, this bench has been erected in memory of Johnny Williamson, a local barber.

It is lovely when individuals are remembered by their family and friends for the person they were, but I am always interested when someone is remembered for their occupation.

The local papers covered the sudden death of Johnny Williamson on Friday 31 October 2008:

News and Star

Westmorland Gazette

Johnny Williamson started work as an apprentice barber at the age of 14 and with the exception of a break for his National Service seems to have worked tirelessly until his death in 2008.  It is said he never took a holiday, would make home visits to those who were too old or ill to make it to his barbers shop on Kelsick Road in Ambleside and had a marvellous memory for names.

This is a fitting and interesting commemoration of his life and work.

Ambleside bench 1


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