Burnsall: Eric Lodge (1908 – 1994)

Burnsall is in Wharfedale, south of Grassington and is an attractive village with a fine pub and tea room and a beautiful field for picnics by the river.

Set with a beautiful view over the river is this commemorative bench to Eric Lodge.  The inscription on the plaque is a valiant attempt to sum up the life of clearly a very active man and reads:

Countryman, resident of Burnsall, lover of the Yorkshire Dales and lifelong member of the Ramblers Association’.

This Eric Lodge may be the same man who wrote, ‘A Wharfedale Village: A detailed study of the History of Burnsall and Thorpe-sub-Montem’

Burnsall: Memorial bench to Eric Lodge (1908 – 1994)


3 comments on “Burnsall: Eric Lodge (1908 – 1994)

  1. The Wanderer says:

    Love the picture.

    Eric Lodge was, indeed, the Author of:

    ‘A Wharfedale Village: A detailed study of the History of Burnsall and Thorpe-sub-Montem’.

    He was also a founder member of the Ramblers Association following the ‘Mass Trespass’ movement in the 1930’s.
    Eric also compiled for many years the ‘Yorkshire Dales Official Guide Book’.
    Born in Pudsey, but a resident of Burnsall from 1948, Eric worked tirelessly to promote tourism to the Yorkshire Dales.
    His published guides also include:

    Yorkshire Walks Around Bradford 1947
    Yorkshire Walks Around Leeds 1948
    Holidays in Yorkshire – Broadacres of Beauty: The County Holiday Guide. 1949
    The Yorkshire Dales Official Guide Book C1960 – 1980

  2. Rupert Lodge says:

    Eric Lodge was a real character. He was also my grandad and I have many happy memories of him.

    He died before the Internet really took off, which is a shame. But here I have stumbled on this .

    All Eric wanted to do was live in Burnsall and this he did for many years.

    I was at the launch of his book A Wharfedale Village a book he had spent many years compiling.

    A great man.

    • neil sims says:

      I have a copy of your grandads book ‘Yorkshire walks around Leeds’. Some walks are 30 miles long and merit only 6 paragraphs. He puts this down to paper rationing.! All are virtually still doable except one where a village is now a reservoir. It is 5th edition and printed in 1948.
      Left by my grandad, a keen walker

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