Ebbor Gorge: Jim and Kitty Loxton

The Ebbor Gorge, north of Wells, in Somerset is an attractive part of England.

This memorial bench has a very simple dedication, with no additional information about the life of Jim and Kitty Loxton or even the year they died.

This bench is one of the earliest I photographed for this project; I had started to think about the lives and the stories behind the benches and I loved the view this memorial bench had.  You will notice I caught the shadow on the photograph of the plaque as this was an early attempt.

A search for Jim and Kitty Loxton revealed a post on guestbook for the Somerset village of village website.  Denise Loxton writes, ‘My father in law was James Loxton and he was married to Kitty, sadly neither of them are still with us.’  Are these the Jim and Kitty Loxton that the bench is in memory of?


Ebbor Gorge: The charming iron bench dedicated to Jim and Kitty Loxton


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