Delamere Forest: Mahmoud Reza Mirdamadi-Tehrani (1956 – 2006)

This second memorial bench in Delamere Forest is dedicated to Mahmoud Reza Mirdamadi-Tehrani, who died in 2006.

The dedication on the bench gives us a glimpse of Mahmoud Reza Mirdamadi-Tehrani’ story, ‘Citizen of the world and lover of wild open spaces.  Much loved and always missed by Jennifer, Darius and Shirin.’

The bench is overlooking Blakemere Moss, which is in the middle of Delamere Forest and was restored as a lake in 1992 by the Forestry Commission, after being drained in the 19th Century.

I spent a few days camping near Delamere Forest in the summer of 2010 and this bench was a welcome rest and lunch stop on a day’s cycling in the area.

Delamere Forest: Bench in memory of Mahmoud Reza Mirdamadi-Tehrani


One comment on “Delamere Forest: Mahmoud Reza Mirdamadi-Tehrani (1956 – 2006)

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