Delamere Forest: Lyn Keouski (1971 – 2002)

Delamere Forest in Cheshire is an area of mixed woodland, with footpaths and cycle trails.

I have included photographs from two memorial benches in Delamere Forest.  The first is to Lynn Keouski, who died in 2002.

I was attracted to this memorial bench because of the poem that is engraved on the plaque:

Listen to the trees

What do they say

Rest awhile, then on your way.

Although this sentiment can be found in a number of authors writing, I can’t find that these words a direct quote, so can only assume they were written in memory of Lyn Keouski.

The bench dedicated to Lyn Keouski and it’s setting in Delamere Forest.


One comment on “Delamere Forest: Lyn Keouski (1971 – 2002)

  1. charlotte says:

    Hi i wonder if you could help me. I knew a Lyn keouski who lives or lived in Cheshire round the years 1996-1997. I met her whilst i looked after her at sandpipers which is a respite and people with disabilities which is situated in Southport and was just wondering if the person in question was her, if anyone could help me i would be very grateful if you could send me an e mail, thank you. Regards, charlotte.

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